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ICAC Consulting is a market research agency active in the field of disruptive innovative technologies. Our market potential analyses include both qualitative techniques - focus groups and in depth interviews- as well as quantitative techniques, i.e. customer surveys and the secondary data analysis. We help companies with creative fresh ideas to get an understanding of the real customer needs in order to eventually displace established competitors.

ICAC Consulting represents clients with innovative products and assists them by focusing on differentiation of their breakthrough solutions to rise above the accepted- and stagnant- products. We inspire end-customers by awakening their imagination while providing transparent market feedback.

We focus on driving our clients' business impact in the fuzzy front end of intelligent consulting and market synthesis. By focusing on the customer discovery of the new product, its affordability, and availability we formulate radical new marketing hypotheses, the ones that no one could believe to happen in the target industry.

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Areas of Practice


Developments in this field are known for the quick market appearance with limited popularity for most products.

Our firm is engaged -as part of a market discovery and customer feedback initiative- in unleashing a breakthrough mobile app in rapidly expanding online services. That’s what we do.

Baking industries

Innovations in industrial bread, bakery, and pastry technologies serve consumers wanting the best of all worlds when it comes to bakery; it’s all about quality, tradition, and product diversity.

ICAC Consulting is part of a new initiative in the market discovery and analysis for an innovative line of new bakery products. The new products are developed with focus on the environment to minimize the bread wastes and improve the product diversity.

Medical technologies

Medical technology is a prerequisite for an effective health care. In the ever-changing landscape of the medical technology industries, there is a continuous flow of new devices and technologies into the market. They make our health centres more effective, but behind the curtain are fluctuating challenges in marketing and decision-making priorities that our firm stays two steps ahead of. At present, ICAC Consulting is implementing a market discovery research for an innovative medical technology device with focus on customer needs and product adaptability.

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